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The Author

Welcome to my blog, Forged From Love. I am a Trinidadian – Canadian currently residing in Kitchener, ON Canada. For over 25 years I have braved the institution of marriage and survived, became a mom of three, and ventured into two vastly different careers. I have been an Educator for over 30 years and still teaching – loving every minute of it. About 10 years ago, I began another career journey into the legal world to become a licenced Paralegal. Today, I manage both careers alongside each other.

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Amanda Edwin-Blog Author

My role as a Parent Empowerment Facilitator

A few years ago, I joined an NGO, Trinidad & Tobago Innovative Parenting Support (TTIPS) and became a trained Parent Empowerment Facilitator. I was given the opportunity to develop and facilitate workshops such as Disciplining the Young Child, Anger Management, Teen Self-Esteem, as well as teacher development workshops. My background as a teacher merged well into this added role and suffice it to say, the experience was phenomenal. My passion to empower parents has not dimmed.

The Why Behind This Blog

Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs any one of us would ever face. It is a job with no retirement age, and it does not come with a blueprint. I have been a parent for over 25 years, and trust me, I continue to face some of the same challenges that other parents do.

Over the years, I continued to subtly coach parents through my interactions with them at private tutoring sessions. My passion is genuinely ignited when I engage with parents.

After a bit of the proverbial procrastination, my childhood friend of mine, H. Michelle Johnson prompted me to get moving. With the gentle push, I became motivated to start writing and sharing my reflections on parenting and education. This is now extended to include my own musings on life – my writing evolves as I do.

I started with a Facebook Page and have now evolved into this blog. It took me 3 years to get here, but here I am. Through my writings, I hope to offer some guidance and inspiration to my readers as I firmly believe that everything we do for our families is forged from love.

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